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After the last update, our Virtual Tours app for WIX allows adding virtual tours in WIX Stores.

It is perfect for businesses that sell furniture, home appliances, flowers, cars, etc. Your customers will create a first impression of products in a virtual showroom and add them to their WIX Store shopping cart.

Take a look at how this feature works on a specific example. If you are new to the Virtuals Tours app we would recommend reading our “How to add a virtual tour to your WIX website?” article first.

In order to use the e-commerce feature, you need to make some preliminary settings:

1. You need to set up a WIX store

2. You need a Virtual Tours e-commerce subscription

And you’re ready to go.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add a product to your virtual tour.

  1. Drag & drop the product spot (first icon in the left menu)

2. Search for the product you want to place. The product should already be listed in the store.

3. You’ll see the product card of the selected item.

4. When the user is in the tour, he can select the product, see all the details, and easily add it to the cart.

Where can it be used?

Car dealership

Car dealerships often sell abroad or over long distances, and usually, customers get information about the stores online.

Virtual tours can greatly improve the experience for the end customer by giving them a full 360 view of the interior. ”Virtual Tours” and car dealerships could work together and integrate VR technology into their customer experience. Using a VR headset, the customer could explore the car they want in a realistic, three-dimensional environment. This would give a better idea of the car’s size and features and will accelerate the decision to make a purchase.

Furniture Showroom

When I’m on the IKEA website, I often have this question: do these things match? Is this thing big?

A 360-degree tour that shows different interiors where there are pieces of furniture that are on sale can be very helpful. I’d rather buy a complete furniture set that looks great overall than guess whether it’ll end up matching or not.

Flower boutique

I have a good friend, Helen, who has a very cozy flower boutique, and every time I visit her I buy a new plant for my apartment. It’s mostly because of the atmosphere that the store gives off. Giving the customer that feeling of coziness is crucial if the store is to build a lasting relationship. In 360 such stores, you can tell a story, show, where it would be the perfect place for the plant, or highlight the size of the bouquets and plants.

Fashion store

Fashion stores could benefit from the VR experience feature, it gives users a sense of security by showing them the store space and how it can incorporate into their homes. Users that tend to do more research before purchase now have a realistic, three-dimensional example of the product, that inspires confidence in what they are purchasing. Virtual tours are an appropriate solution for a fashion store, to build a connection with the customer.

Virtual Tours on WIX is definitely a tool that can help your business stand out.

Be creative and have great sales!

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