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We help companies and individuals from 30+ countries boost their businesses with virtual tours. We have 45500+ customers in real estate, commerce, tourism, architecture and more. Start today, for free.

About Us

Viar.Live is a platform to easily create virtual tours and use them to showcase your spaces. Originally started as a tour builder, Viar.Live has rapidly evolved into the leading solution for real estate professionals, property owners, photographers, and tourism businesses. We combine technology and passion to connect sellers and buyers through virtual experience.

Virtual Tour builder

Our virtual tour builder is a game-changer for showcasing houses, apartments, museums, hotels and touristic attractions. You can create tours with spots to click, text, and multimedia and then share them online or pop them on your website. You benefit from the tool with 96% positive reviews.

Any panoramic photos

You can shoot panoramic photos with just your smartphone. For professional results you may use a special 360 camera or DSLR camera with fish-eye lens.

Interactive elements

Add transitions, pictures, text descriptions or even connect with your CMS or booking system. We help you create an atmosphere of full presence.

Interface you will love

We worked closely with photographers, real estate agents and architects to build the best interfaces that can be easily used by anyone.

Quick Listings tool

Elevate your real estate game! Create a personalized professional realtor page. Showcase your expertise and build trust with clients. Connect directly with your buyers. Learn more

Create an agent

We've got your back with our personalized "Agent Profile" feature. It's like your digital business card, storing your contact details to breeze through listing processes, especially when juggling multiple contacts.

Quick property listing

In just a few steps, create and share property listings - mobile and desktop versions are at your disposal. No fuss, just efficient listing creation on-the-go.

Your website in less than a minute

Create a curated collection of multiple listings from a specific area. Perfect for users who want to showcase a variety of listings in one place, making sharing and viewing a breeze.

Use cases

Over 45500 clients from more than 24 countries already benefited from showcasing their properties and objects on our platform.

Save the time and money for you and your clients

Share your work and get customers easily

Let your guests see the rooms and amenities in all their beauty

Build your virtual showroom and sell online faster

How it works

Upload photos

Shoot panoramic photos and upload them to your account in 2 clicks.

Create tours

Link the photos/spheres together and get the tours with the award-wining UI. Create multiple transitions.

Add interactive elements

Add info and link spots, floor plans, audio and video, menus and pricelists.

Create listings

In just a few steps, create and share property listings – all from the convenience of your mobile.

Share anywhere

Share on any platform: mobile, tablets, desktop, social media, VR devices.

Showcase with minisites

Create a collection of multiple listings from a specific area. Showcase a variety of listings in one place, making sharing and viewing a breeze.