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A virtual tour is an interactive, immersive experience that allows users to explore a location or space remotely through 360° panoramic images, videos, and other multimedia elements.

To create a virtual tour, you’ll need to capture 360° images or videos of your space, then use a virtual tour software or platform to stitch the images together and add interactive elements, such as hotspots and audio.

Yes, virtual tours can be easily shared on social media platforms or embedded into your website using a provided embed code or link.

Industries such as real estate, hospitality, tourism, retail, education, museums, galleries, and event venues can greatly benefit from virtual tours by showcasing their spaces and attracting potential customers.

Virtual tours can increase customer engagement, provide a competitive edge, showcase your space in detail, reduce site visits, and improve your online presence, ultimately leading to increased sales and bookings.

You’ll need a 360° camera or a DSLR with a fisheye lens and panoramic tripod head to capture the images then upload the picture in our editor and our software will do the rest.

Yes, you can update your virtual tour at any time you want.

Yes, you can add flat images directly to the tour, and also you can add link spots to external resources.

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